Curta - Click Bait

Curta – “Click Bait”

Coming out of the capital of Colorado, the new release by the Denver hip hop MC is a stripped down electronic affair. Opening with the line “What’s more punk than a kid with his shirt off…” you may expect “Click Bait” to be full of angst, but it potentially has a double-sided affect.

Played at volume the flowing rhymes will be the focal point, yet the EP has partly come about due to the computerised antics of 4digit. There’s the peaceful piano over “Nitelite”, where other producer may lay down heavy beats. This is followed by “Terror Twilight” with a more laid back approach, 4digit lets Curta take control, yet the track wouldn’t work without the minimal backing.

It is however when Chicago based Kenny Dennis (the alter-ego of rapper Serengeti) gets involved that “Click Bait” is at its best. The artist has previously worked alongside singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens on his Sisyphus project, while here he brings a different dimension to the EP.

The extra vocals on the track see the 2 MC’s spout versus, which continues with the Offal King guesting on the next tune.  “Capping Day” ends the release, rounding off the whole thing with how it started.

Split between the rapping and subtle production, Curta’s “Click Bait” is one that both hip-hop and lo-fi electro fans will no doubt appreciate.

Released 1st April 2017 on Filthy Broke Records and Hello LA

Curta 4digit


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