It all started with a few AC/DC tracks tagged on the end of a cassette, I can’t remember what was on the rest of the tape but that isn’t important right now.  What was important, and still is, were those tracks led me on to discover my love of music.

Shortly after that a friend of my brothers passed on vinyl copies of AC/DC’s “High Voltage” and “Highway to Hell” – both of which still stand the test of time as two great albums by one of my favourite bands, and as a child I played them endlessly, thus a passion was born.

Live music came about by visiting a few local bands with my sister, this then grew into seeing more established acts – one of the first signed bands I saw were Dogs D’amour, and to this day I still believe front man Tyla to be one of the greatest poets to have graced the Wedgewood Rooms stage.

Roll forward a few years, and my musical interests tend to leave no stone unturned (well, the majority of the X-Factor era can stay where it is, but you know what I mean) and I am always open to discover both new and old music alike.

There’s that age old question of what sort of music are you in to?  It’s such a broad subject, and not one that’s easy for me to answer.  As such, please enjoy your time on my little site and hopefully that will start to give you an insight into my world… in the meantime thanks for listening.


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