Since releasing the self-produced “Crafted in Darkness” album the brutal three-piece that are Hummune have been back in the studio, this time with Lewis Johns behind the desk before sending  the recordings overseas to be mastered by Brad Boatright – a man who’s credentials already include drone pioneers Sunn o)) and death metals Obituary.

The band’s full length debut has been played through my stereo fairly regularly since experiencing Hummune live and although “Crafted in Darkness” is a great representation of what the guys are about, the follow up in “Face the Fall” has certainly been worth the extra attention to detail.

It’s the subtle touches that show between Lewis Johns and Brad Boatright Hummune have an album even more special than the first, the extra reverb here and there for example makes for a much bigger noise and middle track “Vermillion” coming in at around 7 minutes in length twists and turns through the groups more experimental  side.

When pressing play though you’re greeted with “Sow More” which kicks in with vocals reminiscent of Killing Joke’s Jazz Coleman, production wise it’s in keeping with Killing Joke’s heavier more recent output rather than the electro 80’s period whilst Hummune’s influence of Prong and Godflesh are still very much in the foreground on “Deity” (see review elsewhere on this here sight).

Hummune may sit as a metal band, but there’s an industrial edge to them, albeit without the synths and samples that surface during Ministry or NIN, but the crunching guitars and a rhythm section that constantly pulsate like a disturbing heartbeat will appeal to followers of Al Jorgenson and Trent Reznor, whilst “Destroyer of this Crown” is so unapologetically heavy that fans of both 90’s metal and the current underground hard-core scene will certainly appreciate their hard work.

Having being crafted in darkness Hummune are certainly about to emerge from the shadows and gain additional fans with “Face the Fall”, so as the new album ends on the instrumental title track hopefully you will find it’s time to put it on repeat… alternatively check it out alongside the previous album, or if you get the chance be sure to see these guys live and watch Stu and Mike stomp around the stage whilst drummer Rik beats the hell out of his kit.


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