Drop Oblivion – “Damaged Goods”

Drop Oblivion Damaged Goods

To say the man behind this single is excited about its release, would probably be somewhat of an understatement. While his previous solo efforts include the acoustic singer-songwriter persona of Skin for a Canvas, here is the chance for Ian Mortimer to again return to his heavier side.

When I last reviewed Drop Oblivion there was talk of the project to fruition into a full band, however Mortimer is continuing to focus on life away from the stage. While the previous “to Hell We March” had a comical element, “Damaged Goods” thankfully appears to indicate a more serious approach.

Recorded at his own Timeless Studios, the home recording process has also taken a new lease of life. So should Ian be excited about the new songs? Based on this particular track, then most definitely.

When an artist sends through just the one single it of course doesn’t give you that much to go on. However there’s clearly so much love put into “Damaged Goods” it would be rude not to acknowledge Drop Oblivion’s effort.

The opening riff takes you through to production on the vocals that has the influence of Devin Townsend all over it. Other bands cited by the artist include everyone from Trivium and Killswitch Engage to Slipknot and even Iron Maiden (?). There is however only way to make up your own mind and that’s to check out “Damaged Goods” by Drop Oblivion for yourself:

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