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For any general information/enquiries, or requests to get in touch for future reviews/publications etc, please contact me via the Facebook link as due to the amount of Spam the internet generates adding a comment below may unfortunately be missed…

Although if you do leave  a comment below or elsewhere on my little ole website, I will of course do my best to ensure it is indeed captured.

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  1. Ahoy there Mr Teeth!
    Apologies for only just happening upon you site while looking for stuff about the Tango Pirates.
    We are a band called East Town Pirates and are wondering if you would review our album please? It’s pirate rock! The Big Cheese magazine likened us to the Dropkick Murphys without the shamrocks crossed with glam without the glitter.
    If you would be up for a review, could I have your postal address please so I can send off a booty bag to ye.

  2. admin says:

    Top of the evening to you

    No need to apologise, I’m pleased you stumbled across my site and would be delighted to review your album.

    I’ve just dropped you an email with the address of my ship, and will let you know once received and have a review up for your viewing pleasure.

    Liking the Big Cheese quote!

    Mr Teeth

  3. james says:

    Hi there i just read your review of castellans newest release and loved it, it would be awesome, nay an honour if you could possibly review my bands latest track? We are a Bristol based punk metal band called koshiro, here is a link yo the track Hope to hear from you soon :)

  4. Bob says:

    Hi Keith, i bumped in to you on Stray Bullets Kill’s website. Do you have time to do any more reviews at present?

    I play in a modern rock band called Core Of iO. We just released our debut single and im wondering if you have time to give it a review? You can find it on our website.

    Thank you very much


    • admin says:

      Hi Bob,

      I would be delighted to – I shall check you out over the next couple of days and drop you a line.


      ps – Stray Bullets Kill are awesome!

  5. Hello,

    My name is Yvonne McDonnell and I am a singer songwriter. I am based in London now, but lived in Portsmouth for three years and am trying to promote my music down there in order to play more gigs.

    I was given your details by a worker at Pie & Vinyl in search of someone to review my recently released EP, The Rare One. I have since been following your blog and really like your style. I would really love it if you could review the EP, or even just a song from it.

    Please see below for links to my music/website.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to hearing back from you. I hope you enjoy the EP!


    • admin says:

      Hi Yvonne,

      Thanks for contacting me and it would be a pleasure to check out your EP, will give it a listen over the next few days so watch this space for a review.

      In the meantime I hope you enjoyed your Pie (and Vinyl).

      Many thanks
      Mr Teeth

  6. Bob Tett says:

    Hello again Keith, Its Bob from Core Of iO here again.

    Do you have time to give our latest single a once over?

    Thanking you in advance. Bob

  7. Hi,
    Vincent and the Onepotts have a new album , Best of Enemies available for review.

    The band played with the likes of Ginger Wildheart, Sorry and the Sinatras, Loyalties, UK Subs, Vince Ray, Dirtbox Disco and then in 2013 they scuttled off into hiding, lost a guitar player, and got writing and recording a new album.

    Is this the kind of noise you like to review ?.



    Best of Enemies can be heard here:

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