I had forgotten how much I enjoy Beth Orton, but from the opening verse on “Call me the Breeze” happy memories of a previous gig soon came back to me and I couldn’t help but watch with a smile on my face.  The set list drew heavily from the last album “Sugaring Season” which was almost played in full, but interspersed with tracks such as early single “Someone’s Daughter” from Beth’s critically acclaimed second album and ending in a cover of the Five Stairsteps classic “Ooh Child”.

Whilst performing both solo and with her backing band, it’s the natural beauty in Beth’s voice which make her so mesmerising to listen to, but for a live artist there’s also the banter in between songs and tonight’s obsession with her lunchtime trip to Loch Fine being a prime example.

The only complaint of the evening isn’t directed at Beth (for it was a truly wonderful gig) but that of the people who think if an artist is playing acoustically, that it’s so everyone else can hear about what they got up to at the weekend – I’ve no problem with people socialising, after all this is a main reason why we go out in the first place, but when you’ve paid good money for the likes of Beth Orton performing why would you not want to keep quiet and take a listen?

Mr Teeth

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